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Probate and Estates

Probate of an estate is the procedure necessary to transfer ownership of property from a person who died to his or her beneficiaries.   This procedure usually starts by someone taking a Will to the Register of Wills to have it authenticated, thereby permitting the person named as the executor to transact business on behalf of the estate.  If the person died without a Will, then the Register of Wills may appoint someone to perform the duties of the executor. 

Another purpose of probate is to pay any taxes and other debts owed by the estate that are due because of the death or because of the transfer of property.

            Oftentimes client need assistance in handling estates due to complexities because of the lack of a Will, of the number of beneficiaries who may not agree on the handling of the estate.   Here are some of the services that I provide in matters of Probate and Estates:

                                   * Preparing inheritance tax returns

                                   * Negotiating with creditors

                                   * Litigation of claims

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