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Divorce and Family Law

    The internet, books, colleagues, family members and friends may provide a rich source of information about legal matters.  However, because each circumstance is different, and the stakes are high, you have a better prospect of achieving your goals that involve your specific legal issues by working with an experienced attorney.  

    I have represented clients at all levels of legal proceedings, from conferences, masters hearings and trials, continuously for approximately 20 years.  I have also served the Court as a temporary master in custody.  When you contact me I will suggest arrangements to provide you with legal advice about your specific divorce or family law matter, and I will base my advice on current laws and procedural rules.  What follows is a list of common legal issues for which I would provide helpful advice and representation:

      *  International Divorce and Custody

      *  Pre-Marital Agreements

      *  Property Division Agreements

      *  Divorce, Uncontested

      *  Divorce, Contested with issues including but not limited to:

             Alimony claims

             Fault grounds

             Property division, including real estate, financial accounts, investments,
             trusts, businesses, collectibles, intellectual property, and division of debt

      *   Paternity

      *   Adoption

      *   Support

      *   Custody

      *   Name Changes

      Please call 215-732-5077 or complete the inquiry form to arrange for an office or telephone consultation