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    I offer effective, representation to people who need work in matters related to divorce, family law, personal injury, real estate and probate and estates, serving Philadelphia, Montgomery, Delaware and Chester Counties.   I have practiced for approximately 20 years, assisting clients in all of these practice areas. 

My basic belief is that I work for the client; the client does not work for me.  This attitude applies throughout my respresentation.  I provide advice and direction that I believe will help the client obtain their goals based upon the facts and the law.  I do not propose options that will help my practice but do little for the client.  To learn more, please visit and complete the inquiry form on the contact page or call  to arrange for an office or telephone consultation.

Milton S. SavageEsquire

Attorney and Counselor At Law
1616 Walnut Street, Suite 814

Philadelphia, PA 19103